On assignment for CARE in Grand'Anse Haiti, April, 2017


Grand'Anse, Haiti with

April, 2017- In the field with, which opened its office in Haiti in 1954 to assist those affected by the devastating hurricane Hazel. They continue to support Haitian communities in the fight against poverty. CARE has programs empowering vulnerable children, and young rural women to become development catalysts for their entire community.

My focus was also to develop my Play Lenses Project, which is a cross-cultural study of a universal activity to better understand a unique culture.


Goudoubo Refugee Camp, Burkina Faso

I am at Goudoubo  Refugee Camp shooting for the UNHCR (United Nations High Commission on Refugees) and RefugePoint, a US-based refugee organization that helps refugees move into approved refugee spots for immigration to countries like the US. This camp is one of two in Burkina Faso, established in 2012 to address the families fleeing jihadi violence in Mali. Two years ago the international community chased the terrorists out of Timbuktu and into the desert, but the threat of violence simmers with the heat.  This is the smaller of the refugee camps with 10,000 people, mostly nomads and shepherds- the Tuaregs who are tall, heavily turbaned, light-skinned, and brightly dressed and the Peul, who are dark- skinned, and smaller, wearing glittering jewelry and carefully cover their mouth when they smile.

The refugees here are peripatetic desert-dwellers, so picking up home and moving has been practiced for thousands of years, and they are not particularly interested in settling down in a foreign land like the US. Their dream is to go home, to Mali. They’re willing to wait out the violence, as long as they are able to simply raise their families in peace. The bonus is the school access, especially for the girls, and nutrition supplements for the babies; these kids will be forever changed.

The heat doesn’t bother them at all.